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Home and Garden Market Overview

home and gardenThe Englishman’s home is his castle’, goes that old saying: well, given the amount of time English people have to spend indoors, away from the much-talked about and perennially unpredictable weather, this isn’t surprising.

No wonder, then, that Britons take so much time and spend so much cash on their homes and – when the elements permit - gardens: new research by The Nationwide Building Society reveals that 47% of British people intend to start DIY projects over the next 12 months (whether they’ll ever be finished is, of course, open to debate), spending an average of £3,342 doing so. Retailers in this sector should be rubbing their hands with glee at this news – it means that something in the region of £79 billion will be spent on home and garden improvement over the next year.

The peak shopping period for this vast market is from Easter to mid-summer, and according to Nationwide’s research, 59% of people will carry out home/garden improvement during March, April or May.

So if you’re after stock to keep Britain’s many DIY enthusiasts happy, then you couldn’t have chosen a better site. Our carefully vetted UK wholesalers offer a glittering array of home products to satisfy even the most discerning amateur interior designer. Rugs and floorcoverings to enhance a room’s cosiness, prints and posters to liven up wallspace and beautiful glass and china products for a touch of elegance and class are just some examples of what our wholesalers have to offer.

Finally - a top tip. Retailers in this space will do well to watch what the UK’s unreliable weather’s up to at all times. Bad weather means people aren’t necessarily going to be rushing out to buy garden furniture, BBQs and parasols and outdoor DIY materials as the spring gets underway, nor does autumn automatically mean people will be making their indoor space cosier. But for a fantastic range of wholesalers offering products for both  the home and the garden, look no further. 

The Garden Shop Catalogue, published bi-annually in Autumn and Spring, is an essential guide for all garden, home and leisure product retailers with sections focusing on garden care, outdoor living, home and gift and pet care, plus trade exhibition updates.


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