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Java Art

Java Art

Java Art was established in 1989. We are a BAFTS registered Fair Trade Company importing all of our giftware and fashion accessories from Bali. All of our lines are handmade by some of the most skilled artisans in the world. By spending up to two months every year in Bali we are able to ensure that the goods we offer you are of the highest quality and most innovative, attractive designs available at very competitive prices. Our highly successful range of parasite woodcarvings is the largest in the U.K. Our other ranges of woodcarvings include natural, nautical, painted, novelty and skull and crossbow. Animals, Buddhas, Birds, Fish and People are all featured in our designs. We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing the highest standard of craftsmanship and innovation at very competitive prices. Please quote The Wholesaler UK when contacting us.

01827 720 222 ££
Unit 11 Netherwood Industrial Estate
Ratcliffe Road
, Warwickshire, CV9 1JA

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