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Ethical and Environmentally Conscious Market Overview

ethical and environmentally consciousConcern for the state of the planet and for the preservation of human rights in international trade is prevalent among UK consumers: a report published by the market research company Nielsen last year revealed that shoppers are three times more likely to buy environmentally friendly and fair trade products than in 2011, even if they are more expensive.

Britain is a world-leader in Fair Trade products, so perhaps this growing inclination towards ethical buying among UK consumers shouldn’t be surprising: UK retailers sell over 4,500 certified goods from more than 340 companies and in 2013 sales of their products hit £1.78 billion, a 14% increase on 2012’s sales of £1.53 billion. You’ll find many of these ethically responsible, innovative and dynamic companies on our site.

This ethically and environmentally conscious market is vast - spanning food and drink, transport, energy, home products and personal products - so retailers need to know exactly what people are buying more of, and why. There has been a significant rise, for example, in the average ethically conscious household spend on clothes and home products: up to £48 in 2012 as compared to £23 in 2000 for clothes and up to £184 from just £59 for home products.  Across the board, the main three reasons for consumers boycotting products are (from the top) labour standards, tax avoidance and violations of human rights.

The Wholesaler UK is a committed supporter of ethically and environmentally friendly produce, a fact which we believe is reflected in the diverse range of items in our listings. Here you’ll find a vibrant array of beautifully crafted ethical and Fair Trade products, from willow gift items made in Romanian villages to toys from Peru and Sri Lanka, from clothing produced in South Africa to Indonesian jewellery.

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Fairtrade Forrtninight Monday 26 February - Sunday 11 March

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