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Techpoint Distribution Ltd.

Techpoint Distribution Ltd.

We are one of the leading distributors for all ranges of accessories for smartphones and other consumer electrical devices making us your one stop hub for all your electronic and mobile needs. Our range includes Bluetooth headsets and speakers, chargers, plugs and adaptors, protection and batteries plus phone pockets, phone rings, selfie sticks and tripods and stylus pens. We hold exclusive distribution rights for a number of brands within the UK including Prodigee and Promate and we also have our own trademarked brand called Xquisite which includes cases and tempered glass for a diverse range of makes and models including Apple and Samsung. Our retailers benefit from after sales merchandising services, product training and selling techniques to help them best promote brands in store. Contact us for more information quoting The Wholesaler UK.

0208 599 9345 ££
Unit 9 Temple House Estate
7 West Road
, Essex, CM20 2DU

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