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A & K Hosiery

A & K Hosiery

A & K Hosiery, one of the leading wholesale Socks, Underwear & Lingerie distributors in the UK. Our thermal underwear and thermal wear range features men's Long Johns and thermal T-shirts, Thinsulate Hats, Ladies'Thermal Underwear and Socks. So if you're a Shop owner, Market Trader, Discounter or run an eBay store and are looking for a Wholesale Distributor, browse our online showroom and create your order or Call the A&K line today. You can be assured of the lowest possible prices on all our products which we feel are the best in the UK. Excellent service and extensive stock backup guaranteed. Please quote The Wholesaler UK when contacting us.

0113 243 2121 ££
Valentine Trade Park
104 Gelderd Road
, West Yorkshire, LS12 6BY

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