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J & N Herz Ltd.

J & N Herz Ltd.

If you are looking to purchase fantastic, up to date ex-chainstore ladieswear, menswear and children's clothing including accessories that were originally made for the FAMOUS UK high street chainstores, then this is the Company for you! J & N Herz Ltd is probably the largest and most successful importing wholesaler, specialising in the sale of garments and accessories. They sell goods that were originally made for the well known high street retailers and other famous brands. Established for over 30 years, all sectors of the trade are supplied with over 1000 different lines. Always in stock, a wide range of Coats and Jackets for Ladies and Men. Exemplary service is given from a team of over 50 committed and friendly staff that can assist you in English, Polish, Czech, Russian and Lithuanian languages. Time is dedicated to building strong business relationships with clients. Visit the new "state of the art" on line clothing and accessories store to view and purchase some of the best lines, with new styles being made available daily by the Internet staff. Starter packs available. Next day delivery offered (UK mainland only). Please quote The Wholesaler when contacting J & N Herz Ltd.

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Founded in 1964, we stock the UK's biggest range of wholesale children's clothing including a fabulous selection of outerwear for boys and girls up to age 13. This includes puffer jackets, baseball jackets, faux fur hooded jackets, leather look jackets and gilets. Look out for discounts and clearance lines. We have regular sales and are always doing our best to give you great products at the best price possible. Please quote The Wholesaler UK when contacting us.

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