Scam The Wholesale UK

We've recently been made aware of the existence of a fraudulent website operating under a similar name to The Wholesaler UK, who also have details of ours and another local business displayed illegally on their site.

We wish to make it known to our customers that we have no affiliation with this company and that they are fraudsters "selling" non-existent products - under no circumstances should you transfer this company money.

In the case of having done so, contact your bank immediately to reverse the transaction. We'd ask you to also get in contact with us should you have any dealings with them as we are in the process of investigating the matter


Scams targeting businesses

Here are some of the scams against businesses others have encountered – and how to avoid them.

Tips on avoiding scams for businesses

  • 1. Don’t rush into an agreement with anyone.
  • 2. Fraudulent invoices for goods and services are widespread. Often they will be modelled on those you regularly pay. Double check whether the bank and payee details have been altered.
  • 3. Brief your staff - scammers will often target junior staff to get them to make payments over the phone or approve invoices for non-existent goods and services. We advise you to have robust approval processes for payments.
  • 4. Make some basic internet checks on businesses you don't know. Just typing their name into a search engine may bring up blogs and other warning information.
  • 5. Check Companies House - how long have they been trading, have they submitted accounts, have they regularly changed name?
  • 6. If the business has a website, check WHOIS to see who has registered the website and from where.
  • 7. Check the Action Fraud website. They have an A-Z list of frauds.
  • 8. Register with the Mailing Preference Service to cut down on unwanted direct mail that is addressed to you: You can also phone 0207 291 3310.
  • 9. Register with the Telephone Preference Service to cut down on unwanted phone calls, texts and SMS messages. You can also call 0345 070 0707.


Publishing and advertising

The simplest common scam is for a rogue company to issue a bogus invoice, often for well-known publications.

Another common scam relates to advertising in charitable publications. These scams usually start with a call selling advertising space in a publication for a seemingly good cause. Sometimes the caller will say that a business has placed an order previously, or even that someone else in the business has agreed to take out the advertising space. The fraudsters may also send you invoices, whether or not the you've agreed to take out the advertising space. They may follow up the invoices with threats of legal action.

Data protection registration notices

Letters originating mainly from the north of England have been circulating, asking for £95 plus VAT to provide data protection registration for your business. The letters look official and warns of enforcement action for non-compliance. The Information Commissioner’s office says the current registration fee for this service is £35 and no VAT is payable. For more information and to see a warning list of scam letters, visit the Information Commissioner’s website.

Business rates

Bogus business rate consultants may claim that your non-domestic rates can be reduced for a fee but you may find the rate reduction never materialises. Whilst professional advisers can be helpful, you should check thoroughly who you are hiring. Get advice from your local Valuation Office.

Computer viruses

There is a common scam where you receive an unsolicited call or email from someone purporting to be from a business linked to Microsoft. They say they are aware that there is a virus in your computer system. The firm will offer a debugging service for a fee. These scammers frequently use mail forwarding addresses in the UK but are really based outside Europe. This means it is difficult to pursue them should things go wrong. Your computer supplier may be able to help and advise on anti-virus software.


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