5 Best Mother’s Day Items to Sell Wholesale 2025

5 Best Mother’s Day Items to Sell Wholesale

Mother’s Day is an important fixture in the UK gifting calendar and a profitable time for wholesale suppliers and retailers alike.

Mother’s Day falls between Valentine’s Day and Easter – taking place on the fourth Sunday of Lent 2025 – meaning it’s slap bang in the middle of two commercially lucrative holidays.

Despite this, research suggests that consumers are still willing to put their hand in their pocket – with the average spend on Mother’s Day gifts standing at £30, compared to just £10 on Father’s Day.

With the issues of the last few years, it also seems that consumers are gearing up to spend more than ever on their mothers in 2025

Along with traditional best-sellers such as flowers and chocolates, there is a range of other popular items that wholesalers can promote to corner the UK Mother’s Day market. Read on for our pick of the top five below.

Bath Products For Mothers Day

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts ideas, bath products have long been a firm favourite. 

From handmade soaps to bath bombs, salts and essential oils, there’s a diverse range of wholesale bath products out there that can feature in a Mother’s Day collection.

With responsible consumerism set to be a hot topic in 2025, also consider stocking vegan bath products for people who are searching for ecologically friendly gifts for their mothers.

Jewellery For Mothers Day

For wholesalers considering selling jewellery as a Mother’s Day gift, there’s a wide variety of products to stock, including jewellery made from gold, silver, pearl or even semi-precious stones.

Necklace Mothers Day Gift
Necklace Mothers Day Gift

You could also supply new age jewellery, or choose to concentrate on a single accessory such as watches or necklaces.

As jewellery preferences depend on the individual, stocking an expansive range of products will ensure you’re catering for all tastes.

Personalised Mothers Day Gifts

Customisable gift items are a popular choice for wholesalers to stock around Mother’s Day, providing a personal touch that any mum is bound to treasure.

Personalised Mug Mothers Day Gift
Personalised Mug Mothers Day Gift

When thinking about what personalised products to sell wholesale, consider photo frames, cushion covers, keyrings and clothing items – along with old favourites such as mugs and fridge magnets.

Products such as these can be supplied by wholesalers blank, allowing customers to customise them at a later date and according to their own individual preferences.

Gift Baskets For Mother Day

A hamper is a thoughtful gift which is easy to customise – so can be a lucrative item for wholesalers to stock for Mother’s Day this year.

Gift Hamper Mothers Day Gift
Gift Hamper Mothers Day Gift

Gift baskets can contain a range of mixed products – such as bubble bath, chocolates and wine – or simply focus on edible treats or alcoholic beverages.

Suppliers can either stock ready-made gift baskets or sell individual packaging materials such as tissue paper, cellophane and baskets and allow buyers to create their own.

Handbags For Mothers Day

Mums are known for carrying the world around in their handbags – from tissues and snacks to makeup and credit cards – so it’s no surprise that bags make a popular gift for Mother’s Day each year,

Handbag Mothers Day Gift
Handbag Mothers Day Gift

Consider stocking a range of bags – from smart leather handbags to eco-friendly fashion backpacks and colourful clutches – and push them as a promotion in the month leading up to Mother’s Day.

You could also team your handbags with other products such as belts, scarves and wallets to attract buyers that are interested in stocking an entire range of accessories for mothers day.


Each year shoppers spend a fortune on Mother’s Day gifts, making it an event that retailers can’t afford to miss.

From bath products to gift hampers – there’s a wide range of products that wholesalers can stock to guarantee a profitable Mother’s Day.

Remember to build up your chosen stock in advance of the day itself – so you have plenty of time to market your products and attract potential buyers.

Good luck and happy wholesaling!

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