David Heasman started The Wholesaler UK back in 1999 when the internet was very much in its infancy. We still have some advertisers who have been with us virtually since day one! Back then hard copy was still the advertising medium of choice for many companies. Few people had access to a computer, let alone an internet connection and mobile connectivity was still a pipe dream. How things have changed! Now the internet pervades every area of our lives and it’s a very rare company that doesn’t have a web presence and an ever rarer home or individual that doesn’t use the web for everything from shopping, booking holidays, keeping in touch and for a myriad other reasons

David’s co-director, Sue Nayler, joined The Wholesaler in 2002.

So, If you phone The Wholesaler you will always get through to a human being. When we are not in the office, our phones transfer to mobiles. In those circumstances you will only be asked to leave a message if we are out of signal. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can call us at 3am or on a Sunday evening – although people do!

Our aim has never been to publish the longest list of wholesalers. Indeed, we are very fussy about who we link to. Scarily enough since our revenue comes from our advertisers, for various reasons we probably turn away more than half the people who contact us for a listing. All our content is personally vetted and that’s what makes us different from other directories and it’s why retailers can use the directory sure in the knowledge that they are dealing with bona fide traders.


David Heasman

David Heasman

Company & Marketing Director



David Heasman

Sadly David passed away on 1st February 2019 after a short illness. He will be sorely missed but rest assured that The Wholesaler will continue as normal as he would have wished

I come from a varied sales background mainly involving B2B advertising but also B2C whilst working for Yellow Pages many years ago. Other highlights of my CV include being a dustman on a campsite, grape picking and running my own business hiring bicycles during my years living in France during the early nineties.

I started The Wholesaler back in 1999 with the aim of becoming an internet millionaire within a few years! How is it then that I am still not quite there and seem to spend an inordinate amount of my time on a daily basis trying to keep up to date with the ever changing – and often incomprehensible - demands of Google!

The Wholesaler UK racing team - MG ZR TrophyThe Wholesaler UK racing team - Out of the office I enjoy growing my own veg. and when weather allows, taking to the water in my canoe, although my all-consuming hobby is motor racing.

For several years I have for many years raced in the MG Metro Cup at circuits such as Silverstone, Brands Hatch and Oulton Park. 2016 season saw us moving to the MG Trophy Championship in the an MG ZR. Most weekends seem to be spent in the workshop preparing the car. 2018 saw a very close end to the Class C championship with me finishing 3rd just 6 points behind the overall winner.



Sue Nayler

Sue Nayler

Company & Financial Director

Sue Nayler

I graduated from Leeds University (I’m not saying how long ago!) with a degree in French and Spanish and my employment background was in the banking and legal sectors before selling my soul to The Wholesaler back in 2002.

Despite our business being internet based, I’m not a techie. In fact, David would probably describe me as a technophobe so I leave all that stuff to him! I concentrate mainly on the admin., sales and marketing aspects of the business.

Away from the office I enjoy “cuisine” in the widest sense of the word, be it as cook or diner – but not bottle washer!- reading, the cinema and a glass of wine or two (mine’s a Pinot please!).Tennis used to be my sport of choice but since breaking my leg a couple of years ago I’m sadly now more of a spectator but still a huge fan. 

I have maintained my links with Spain via a property in Andalucia and try to spend a few weeks out there every year.



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