Find wholesale pharmacy products in the UK. Verified suppliers of all OTC pharmaceuticals including analgesics, cough, cold & flu remedies, indigestion, vitamins, antiseptics, plasters, bandages and family planning.

Albert Harrison & Co. Ltd.

We have an extensive selection of OTC medicines and pharmaceuticals including Allergy Relief, Cough & Cold Remedies, First Aid, Pain Relief, Stomach Medicines, Children's Medicines, Supplements and Family Planning . Save time and money by using our online service. It's easy, secure and fast and, with FREE next working day delivery on orders over £150 ex VAT, why go to the cash and carry? We are also specialists in supplying multiple site operators throughout the country. For all your wholesale needs or for more information please contact us quoting The Wholesaler UK.

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Body Temple

Established in 1994, Body Temple is now recognized as Europe's leading sports nutrition distributor. As an authorized representative of over 60 of the world's leading nutrition brands, Body Temple supplies health food stores, gyms, specialty nutrition stores, online retailers and pharmacies in over 25 countries across Europe. Body Temple are the exclusive distributor for Gaspari Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, Syntrax, CytoSPort, Pharma Freak and many other high profile US brands. Please quote The Wholesaler UK when contacting us.

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Electronic Cigarettes Ltd.

ECigWizard is currently one of the biggest stockists of electronic cigarettes in Europe with 40% of orders being shipped internationally. We currently supply in excess of 300 independently owned Electronic Cigarette stores as well as countless white label ELiquid Clients. We offer a range of discounts depending on the products being purchased and quantity of each item. Our wholesale pricing is extremely competitive and we can have the goods at your door in less than 24 hours. The wholesale programme will apply to all of our brands and products. You will be dealing with a UK based sales and support team with a real warranty on our products. Visit our website and contact us for more details quoting The Wholesaler UK.

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Pricecheck Toiletries Limited

Pricecheck Toiletries is the UK's leading wholesaler in excess inventory, including products ranging from toiletries, fragrances, cosmetics, sun care, OTC medicines, household, baby feeding, sun care, children's books and accessories. Please quote The Wholesaler UK when contacting us.

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Three Pears Ltd

Our Pharmacy department stocks Analgesics, Cough, Cold & Flu Remedies, Indigestion Tablets, Vitamins, Antiseptics, Plasters, Bandages, Family Planning Products and Stop Smoking Aids. Three Pears stocks some of the best known brands such as Beechams, Nurofen, Lemsip, Rennie, Alka Seltzer, Hedex, Anadin, Panadol and Strepsils. We have 40 years of experience in supplying retailers, pharmacies throughout the UK and Europe.

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